About the Prints


I produce my prints digitally with archival materials. The prints can be expected to last a minimum of 100 years without color change or fading, provided they're matted and framed to museum standards and properly displayed.

Prices for un-matted, signed prints depend on size, and start at $100 for a print which in most cases is approximately 10 inches on the longest side. Shipping is included for orders within the United States. I accept payment through PayPal.

Available sizes depend on factors such as the quality of the original negatives or digital files. For instance, negatives for many of the Asian pictures were developed locally under adverse conditions. To preserve quality many of these must remain under 8 x 10 inches. Most recent photographs can be printed as large as 20 x 24 inches or larger.

I don't play the "editioning" game. If you're printing etchings or engravings it makes sense to number the prints and cut off the run before the plate deteriorates enough to give less than superior results. But photographic negatives and digital files don't deteriorate with use. In fact, since you gain experience with each print you make from a negative, print number 35 may well be better than print number one. And with a digital file you can adjust and test until you get a perfect print, save the resulting file, then print any number of nearly identical copies. The only reason to limit the "edition" of a photographic print is to make it artificially precious, and numbering photographic prints is not only meaningless but silly. The number of my signed prints in existence is quite small, and considering the fact that I'm eighty two years old as I write this it's likely the number will stay small.

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